Transition from Hospital to Home

Transition from Hospital to Home

For most seniors, discharge from hospital occurs after an acute illness or fall

related injury. Reports indicate gaps in supportive care can result in re-

Avida Home Care is aware of this problem.
We’ve developed a Transition from Hospital to Home Program.
Our staff is ready to meet you at your home after the discharge. They
can assist with:

  • Medication Reminder
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Toileting
  • Walking and changing position if immobilized
  • Meal preparation and light housekeeping

Avida offers attractive rates for the first 24 hours following discharge.
Continued care can be provided as needed; scheduled by you and tailored to your
unique needs.
This is a critical time to readjust to the home environment and has proven to be
when seniors are most vulnerable. We’re here to help.

Avoid re-admission to hospital, call us for a free assessment.
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