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Avida Home Care is dedicated to helping seniors with in home care needs

If you’re looking for in home care for an elderly parent or other family member, facing the need for assistance can be difficult. We can help.

Change is inevitable. Tasks that were once easy to perform by Bay Area seniors become more difficult. This should be acknowledged as the natural course of life. Our goal at Avida is to define our clients’ needs, and allow them to choose where to live while we provide in home care. Most seniors want to stay home as long as they can. This may become difficult, perhaps impossible without in-home assistance from qualified and compassionate caregivers.

Assistance for Seniors and the Elderly by Avida Home Care

Avida offers a solution: assistance with bathing, dressing, shopping, light housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship and more. Our clients and their families in the Walnut Creek area and throughout the East Bay have peace of mind in knowing that our caregivers provide these services and A VIDA is dignified.

Every in home care situation is different. First and foremost, not all assistance is for seniors. Sometimes parents find themselves being caregivers for senior parents who need help in bathing, dressing, or being assisted in and out of a wheelchair. Whether caring for a senior or other circumstances, in home care can spell a caregiver or provide whatever care is needed. We can help you decide what level of care is needed and find the right caregiver for you.

In Home Care in the East Bay Area
Seniors frequently find themselves at a crossroads when they lose a spouse or find it increasingly difficult to care for themselves. They often know that an assisted living situation is not for them. They may have raised their children in their East Bay home, and do not want to give up all those memories. But there is a good solution. Many seniors can stay at home while Avida Home Care provides help when and where needed.

Caring for seniors in home can mean different things, but it typically involves personal needs: cooking, light housekeeping, care with bathing and dressing, grooming, medication reminders, running errands, companionship, and/or a variety of other daily tasks. The senior might also need transportation to and from Doctors appointments. In home care can even help with outings to go shopping or get a haircut. Short of in home medical care, Avida Home Care can provide the answer.

Finding the a good fit with a caregiver can sometimes be difficult for you or for the senior themselves. If your parent has a lifelong love of gardening, finding someone who can help with this task can be a match made in heaven. If your senior loves cooking, the match would be different but could be equally satisfying. Even a simple language match can be vitally important. Spanish speakers should have Spanish speaking aides. The experience you will find at Avida Home Care can make all the difference for your loved one.

Elderly/Senior Care In the Home
Experience and compassion are two cornerstones for finding the proper fit for Elderly Care. It is critical to find in home care for the elderly that is reliable, safe and compassionate. Avida Home Care considers all criteria to help you make a good in home care decision for your elderly loved one.

Most seniors are living longer lives, and are determined to remain in their homes. But they often require care with the most basic needs. An experienced in home care aide can make their life at home both possible and more rewarding, and they frequently become good friends. Pick the right combination of in home care aide and you greatly increase your elderly parent’s security and happiness.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in the East Bay
Symptoms such as sudden depression, decreased energy levels, difficulty in communication and redundancy in conversations can be warning signs of dementia. For many families affected by loved ones with Alzheimer’s managing a family member’s care can be stressful, straining relationships with loved ones wherein their condition affects their abilities to communicate, think, remember and love, the very fabric of family. Avida strives to serve local communities in the East Bay and Walnut Creek areas with proficient, compassionate care for these families by ensuring that individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s have their daily needs met with tasks such as bathing, housekeeping, meal preparation and shopping with support by respectful, highly trained individuals able to provide local families peace of mind that their family members are treated with dignity and respect.

We understand that these diseases are not easy to manage for the individuals affected or their families. The fact that loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or dementia struggle with their condition and do not always realize the ways that their disease affects their ability to live out their daily lives can be challenging for families and the affected individuals. We strive to support these individuals with the care they need to remain in the home, whether needing full time or part time support our team of respectful individuals are trained to navigate senior care with a perspective understanding the unique needs and challenges that neurodegenerative conditions present.

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