Did you know that the UK has named a Loneliness Minister? Yep. It’s true. Loneliness is more prevalent than we know. Among the elderly it is an even bigger problem. Best friends die. Others move away. Physical or mental impairments can interfere with or hinder old hobbies or outings. They become totally isolated. Sadness descends. Loneliness can be deadly.

When our loved ones are left to ponder the past and fear the future, it takes a toll on them. Sometimes they also lose interest in food. Dangerous!

And loneliness can occur even with other people around. My feisty 83-year-old friend, who still volunteers at the symphony and walks her dog every day, had to stay with her son and daughter-in-law during replacement of the siding at her apartment. She told me:

“I spent two weeks with them and didn’t have one single conversation. They watch television.”

At Avida Home Care, providers can be the conduits to a more social and active life. They can sit and talk, play board games, even take the elderly client out to doctor’s appointments, to meet friends, or just get out in the fresh air.


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