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In-Home Alzheimer’s Care for Concord, CA

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be difficult, exhausting work. It’s often a full-time commitment that can leave both caregiver and sufferer feeling frustrated and resentful. As the affected individual progresses further into the disease and memory issues start to affect daily activities, caring for this person may become overwhelming. It’s at this … Continue reading

The Joys (and Benefits) of the Garden

Whenever my grandmother visited us, she would always request a tour of Golden Gate Park to see her favorite spots. The first one was the Conservatory of Flowers and second, the Japanese Tea Garden. She enjoyed the lush landscaping of the Tea Garden, but mostly she loved the multicolor blooms bobbing in the breeze. Her smile … Continue reading

Who decides?

Who decides what the best treatment is for our loved one; a healthcare proxy, the family, the doctor? If it is the doctor, which one? The pulmonologist, the surgeon, the heart specialist? Is the doctor willing to do what the family decides? End of life questions are scary for the patient and the loved ones. … Continue reading

A Good Night’s Sleep

Are you getting a good night’s sleep? Sleep can be crucial to your health.  Everyone has their own way of falling asleep and things that keep us awake. When my daughter comes home, she sleeps in what has been converted into my office. There is a wall clock in that room whose tick-tock drives her … Continue reading