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Avida, Always Available

Today, I would like to share with you a Yelp review from Susie L. Albany, CA My long-time caregiver, who had been with me for 5 years and was privately paid, moved out of the area in May. After 5 years, she was family, and we were all sad that she had to go. I … Continue reading

“The Gift of Menopause”

Today, I would like to post this article from the NYTimes verbatim. It says it sooo well for all of us who are, or have been thru menopause. I’ve become invisible. I like it. Aug. 5, 2018 Annelise Capossela NASHVILLE — There are things I miss about being fertile. A waistline. Hair thick enough … Continue reading

Take Good Care of Yourself

How often do we take care of others? Do we take care of ourselves as well? Self-care is not selfish. Picture this: She loves yoga. It clears her mind, offers gentle exercise, and helps her cope with the stresses in her life. Her husband says he needs her and discourages her from attending classes. She … Continue reading

The Taboo of Mental Illness

We whisper about mental illness. Is it dementia, senility, Alzheimer’s or something else? Some people yell about it. Here’s a story that might sound familiar: He wanted to go home after half an hour. His wife wanted to stay and enjoy the party. She tried to convince him to stay. So, he slammed his walker … Continue reading