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It Isn’t Always Alzheimer’s

  My friend Sarah was in a panic. She had started forgetting words. She couldn’t remember some names. They had all gone into the bucket of lost words. So, she went to her doctor and moaned: “I think I have Alzheimer’s.” Her doctor listened patiently to her complaints and said: “You may look 20 years … Continue reading

Who is Ready for Old Age?

Are we ever ready for old age? Do we think about what our lives will be like at 75, 85, 95? It’s true that we are living longer. In 2015 the average age of death in the US was 78.74 years. Life expectancy for those born in 2017 is 76 for men and 81 for women. … Continue reading

Are the elderly happier than the rest of us?

  Are the elderly really happier than the rest of us? Or, are some people just cranky, cantankerous and quarrelsome by nature? The other day I emailed an elderly friend an article about old people being happy. He read it and responded: “What! It’s not good for old people to complain? I live for complaining. … Continue reading

The struggle between nursing home and homecare

  “Me go to a nursing home? Absolutely not!” “But Mom, this last fall was serious and we can’t risk another one.  You’ll be able to get therapy there.” After much reasoning and pleading with her on our part,   “Well  just a little while then”  she agreed. The therapy would take two weeks.  After … Continue reading