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It Isn’t Always Alzheimer’s

  My friend Sarah was in a panic. She had started forgetting words. She couldn’t remember some names. They had all gone into the bucket of lost words. So, she went to her doctor and moaned: “I think I have Alzheimer’s.” Her doctor listened patiently to her complaints and said: “You may look 20 years … Continue reading

Immortally Yours

Alzheimer’s, loss of hearing, dementia and other physical conditions can take our loved ones partially away and eventually completely away. With Alzheimer’s, our loved ones are sometimes there and sometimes not. Loss of hearing makes it practically impossible to communicate if they don’t want to wear a hearing aid and some people turn their hearing aid … Continue reading

Letter From an Indignant Grandfather

  I just received this letter. “Dear Avida Home Care, Would you please explain why elderly people get treated as second class citizens? I don’t mean senior citizens, I mean some young people treat us like we’re invisible. My son and I go to a nearby restaurant for dinner once in a while. The waiter … Continue reading


Did you know that the UK has named a Loneliness Minister? Yep. It’s true. Loneliness is more prevalent than we know. Among the elderly it is an even bigger problem. Best friends die. Others move away. Physical or mental impairments can interfere with or hinder old hobbies or outings. They become totally isolated. Sadness descends. … Continue reading