The Founders of Avida Home Care

Did you hear about the airline captain and the ICU nurse?

They are very passionate people – passionate about each other (yes even after they were married) and passionate about taking care of their elderly parents; which is what led them to start Avida. Let me tell you about them.

So, here’s the scoop about Captain Raul and ICU nurse Adrienne.

Actually, I could tell you a lot about the Captain, since he is my brother. However, I promised to be professional, so we’ll have to skip the time when he….. oh never mind.

About  Captain  Raul:

Retired  from  United  Airlines?  Check.

Type  A  personality?  Check.

Methodical  in  his  ways?  Check.

Thirty  years  of  being  responsible  for  the  lives  of  people  on  his  plane?  Check.

Doting  stepfather?  Check.

Loving  husband?  Check.

Caring  son?  Check.

Passionate  about  Avida?  Check.

Fabulous  brother?  Double  check.

Now about ICU nurse Adrienne:

For the past twenty-five years Adrienne has been a professional nurse. She actually started in home health care. She is now an Intensive Care Unit nurse who is responsible for the most critically ill and cares deeply about her patients. She has raised two successful children, and her spry eighty-year-old mother gets phone calls and regular visits from her. Her daughter was seriously ill recently. Did Adrienne get flustered? Absolutely not! No matter what the emergency, even when it occurs in her own family, she never loses her calm. Adrienne is also a loving wife. She grows her own vegetables and herbs in her terraced garden. This gal is super nutrition conscious. And yes, she too is passionate about Avida.

A match made in heaven, you say? Totally!!!

Come back next time for the gripping story of the personal incident that led to the creation of Avida.

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