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Do you really know who is taking care of your love one?



Your parent needs home care and you can’t take on the job. You certainly can’t stay home to take care of her. You agonize about the decision to let someone else care for her. You feel guilty. Nevertheless it has to be done. You have a job, children, and obligations. What to do?

So you decide to look for someone who is available to do the job. You find someone who is a friend of a friend. She seems nice. She’s available during the time you need her. Your friend recommends her highly. Her hourly rates are low. You hire her and hope for the best. Problem solved, right? WRONG!!!


How do you know this person has the skills to move your parent from the bed to the chair?

Is she a good cook or does she tell you that’s not part of her job?

Will she leave dirty dishes in the sink?

Will she talk to your parent and keep her company, or sit and watch television all day?

Will she leave a wet diaper on all day, or ignore your parent’s need to go to the bathroom?

Did you get a background check on her?

If she gets injured on the job, will you be liable?

Who is going to supervise her?

I shudder to think of the possibility of abuse, so let’s not even talk about that.

These are only some of the things to consider when hiring an “independent consultant.”


The National Private Duty Association Paper of September 15, 2003 has more information on this topic.



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