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How hard is it to get hired by Avida Home Care?

It’s really hard to get hired by Avida Home Care.

Care providers who work for Avida caring for the elderly must be very special people.

Early on at the beginning of our homecare agency, we decided it was time to hire employees. The website was up. The office was furnished. Plans had been carefully drawn up. Roles were split according to the various strengths of the personnel. The manager and general administrator was savvy, organized and experienced in managing people. The trainer and supervisor for the caregivers was empathetic, trained as a nurse, experienced in home care, and the epitome of calmness. The blogger had some writing experience and (hopefully) a sense of humor.

So when the administrator said despairingly one day: “We don’t have any employees!” the next question was “Why?”

We started discussing the characteristics necessary for employment at Avida Home Care.

Our care providers are Avida’s representatives out on the field. They must be kind and caring, present themselves well, be smart, conscientious, dedicated, patient, willing to go through intensive training and pass a background check.

Easy, right? Well, the first candidate had the characteristics but did not pass the background check. The next one was late and the one scheduled after that simply didn’t show up.

Now of course, we have employees who are full time, not independent contractors, accrue vacation time and sick leave, are well paid and respected. Later on, we will introduce you to some of them. They are truly special people. That’s what it takes to be an Avida Home Care employee.


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