How Covid-19 has Changed Senior Care in Concord California


As in other parts of the country, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected Senior Care in Concord California.

It’s no secret that the aging population in the US and many first world countries has been growing for decades. So too has need for senior care. The 2020 saw the onset of the Covid pandemic and the senior care industry took a huge knock. Long term care facilities experienced large declines in occupancy.

Families were unwilling to place their elderly relatives into care facilities where there was a high risk that they might contract covid. Add to that, visitation restrictions and it’s easy to understand why admissions dropped.

Vaccine availability has seen a resurgence of admissions but many of the elderly have opted for home care. Home care in Concord California allows elderly people to remain in their homes. Though still avoiding the isolation and dangers of living alone.
Customized Home Care in Concord California
Most elderly people fear the loss of independence. Home assistance can help the elderly to stay at home for longer. Customized home care ensures that older people receive just the type of care they need.

The amount of care offered depends on the needs of the aged. Some people are very independent, needing little help. While others may need personal care such as dressing and grooming. Even those who are capable of looking after themselves might benefit from assistance with household tasks, grocery shopping or transport.

Companions help to break the isolation of living alone. They can keep the elderly engaged with the community by taking them to social gatherings or simply taking a walk in the sunshine.

There are many advantages to home care in Concord California and you only pay for the services that you need.

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