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The reaction to the loss of a loved one

  The reaction to the death of a loved one is grief. Our family has had its share of losses and heartache. The death of our Mom, a boyfriend lost to suicide and the demise in quick succession of two best friends. Last week, one of our cousins died. He was in his sixties and … Continue reading


Did you know that the UK has named a Loneliness Minister? Yep. It’s true. Loneliness is more prevalent than we know. Among the elderly it is an even bigger problem. Best friends die. Others move away. Physical or mental impairments can interfere with or hinder old hobbies or outings. They become totally isolated. Sadness descends. … Continue reading

Are the elderly happier than the rest of us?

  Are the elderly really happier than the rest of us? Or, are some people just cranky, cantankerous and quarrelsome by nature? The other day I emailed an elderly friend an article about old people being happy. He read it and responded: “What! It’s not good for old people to complain? I live for complaining. … Continue reading

How hard is it to get hired by Avida Home Care?

It’s really hard to get hired by Avida Home Care. Care providers who work for Avida caring for the elderly must be very special people. Early on at the beginning of our homecare agency, we decided it was time to hire employees. The website was up. The office was furnished. Plans had been carefully drawn … Continue reading