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Do you really know who is taking care of your love one?

    Your parent needs home care and you can’t take on the job. You certainly can’t stay home to take care of her. You agonize about the decision to let someone else care for her. You feel guilty. Nevertheless it has to be done. You have a job, children, and obligations. What to do? … Continue reading


The sad news is that Dementia is the broad category and Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia. Alzheimer’s is progressive and incurable, although there are medications and ways of managing that help. Does your loved one: have less energy? sit and watch tv instead of socializing? become moody and uninterested? feel depressed? forget conversations or events … Continue reading

The Founders of Avida Home Care

Did you hear about the airline captain and the ICU nurse? They are very passionate people – passionate about each other (yes even after they were married) and passionate about taking care of their elderly parents; which is what led them to start Avida. Let me tell you about them. So, here’s the scoop about … Continue reading


Alzheimer’s, dementia. Scary topics. Yet with our aging population, they have become far too familiar. The signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia are easy to miss. “It’s ok if he asks me the same thing three times,” you say to yourself. Or, “He’s too young to have dementia.” It’s not easy to approach these subjects with our … Continue reading