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Our greatest commitment is to help our clients reach a state of comfort and quality in their lives by providing exceptional home care services.

To support our mission, we have three underlying
CORE VALUES to guide us in our ethical framework and approach to services:

  • Regulate the highest ethical standards in home care
  • Respect the differences and preferences of our clients
  • Apply the latest techniques in home care

We employ reliable, compassionate caregivers who are specially trained in home care and embrace Avida’s core values. Our caregivers are “bonded” and have undergone background screening to meet state and federal requirements.
Our caregivers have met California state standards for home care training and are required to maintain these qualifications with continuing education.
We assess their performance and check in with our clients on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting their needs.


The Avida story was inspired by a phone call I received a couple of years ago. I was notified that my father’s wife was admitted into hospital. My father, at 93 years old, was now in need of someone to provide the care that his wife used to perform; help with cooking, dressing, shopping, housecleaning and medical appointments.
Most of all, he was in need of companionship.

As is the case across America, and most industrialized countries around the world, this senior had adult children living thousands of miles away. If you’re one of these adult children, what do you do when you get this call?
How do you manage your career?
How do you continue to manage your children and your household?
What decisions do you and your spouse have to make in order to help your parent?
Do you provide assistance yourself?
If you choose not to, or simply cannot due to other commitments, will you feel a sense of guilt in not assisting your parent who is now dependent and in need?

It was two days’ travel time to my father’s home. I had a full schedule at work. After hours on the phone trying unsuccessfully to find someone to help, my sister decided she would travel to the aide of our father. It was still a full travel day for her to reach him.

I can’t describe the relief in her arriving there to assist with the activities he so much needed. Most important, I had information, a daily account of his life. But, as is also common, she could not remain with him. Having a home and husband of her own to care for made this only a temporary arrangement. Luckily for us this time, our father’s wife was discharged shortly thereafter and a neighbor helped in the following weeks until she was fully recovered.

I came to think, how many of us are out there?
I also realized that although my father was now frail and dependent on others, he was once a robust man. Proud, dignified, and therefore should not be judged by his present condition. Rather, he should be considered as someone with a full life.

In spanish “A Vida”.

Avida allows you, the responsible adult, to have a rich, loving and memorable visit with your senior when you do visit, as there are no tasks or medical appointments to complete.

Avida, care for seniors
Relief for loved ones


Avida founders, Raul and Adrienne reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Upon graduating from university, Raul worked as a law enforcement officer here in the Bay Area. He later became a pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

After serving active duty for eight years in the military, he was hired as an airline pilot.
Currently he is retiring from the position of Captain with a major airline after flying for more than 37 years.

The skills acquired from law enforcement, the military and aviation stress the importance of discipline, honesty and attention to detail among other factors.
Through his experience he learned to plan for unforeseen contingencies. Maintaining a calm temperament and focusing on solving complex matters.

He was inspired by a recent event requiring care for his father. He also cared for his mother after she was diagnosed with emphysema.

Adrienne has been a registered nurse for 26 years. Her first job was at UCSF. She then went on to home health nursing for 5 years. During this time she realized that anything is possible for people who want to remain in their own homes. Seniors don’t need to be in nursing homes or board care if they have the right mix of support in order to be safe at home.

She returned to hospital work in 1997, initially on the medical/surgical department, later moving to the Intensive Care Unit, where she is currently working. Adrienne never forgot where she started. The positive impression experienced during her time as a home health nurse.

“It is so common to see people in need, family traveling from afar, people rearranging their lives to support other family members in their time of distress.” She often wondered, what happens when they get back home?

The answer was pretty clear. Start an organization that provides this support. Not medical, just needs of everyday life that enable mom or dad to remain in their home. An organization that helps the whole family.

Care can be short term as the client recovers from hospitalization, or longer as required by the families’ needs. Daily, weekly, hourly.

For Adrienne and Raul, the experience with his father, and what Adrienne observes everyday at work made creating AVIDA HOME CARE a natural choice.

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